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Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cleansing Kit - Eyes and Face

Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cleansing Kit - Eyes and Face

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Young look, revitalized face. Your infallible allies to renew the eye contour and revitalize your face are here:

  • The Architect
    • Eye contour that penetrates the deepest layer of the skin
    • Reduces fine lines and deeper wrinkles
    • Comes in a duo with The Lift, the ideal lifting effect serum for the eye contour for your events
  • Mini The Cure
    • The mini size of our facial serum with 21 essential oils and Bakuchiol, the natural retinol
    • The ideal final touch to your routine for hydrated, revitalized, and repaired skin

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Mini the Cure
Mini the Cure

Traveling shouldn't mean giving up your beauty routine with incredible results. This mini-tablet format goes with you wherever you go. It is perfect to carry in your suitcase or travel backpack because it complies with the measurements required by airlines.

New formula with BAKUCHIOL, natural RETINOL!

We are launching a new edition that maintains its wonderful synergy of antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids and phytosterols of the original, to which we add a plus: Bakuchiol, the well-known natural RETINOL, for even more spectacular results .

All the benefits of retinol:

  • It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

  • Inhibits the production of melanin and improves the cell renewal process

  • Repairs, re-densifies and treats even the deepest wrinkles

  • A more youthful, nourished and silky - Visible results from the first application

The Architect
The Architect

360 degree duo regimen for the eye area

The Architect (20ml) penetrates the deepest layer of the skin, reducing expression lines and even the deepest of wrinkles, filling them from the inside out to revitalize the eyes.

The Lift (10ml) is perfect for that special occasion to instantly erase signs of fatigue and immediately tightens and brightens the skin for hours of continual lift.

  • Reduces wrinkle depth by 15%

  • Lifts eyelids by 27%

  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles by 19%

  • Tightens the skin by 16%

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 51%

The secret lies in our amazing ingredients