¿How it works?


Buying a CLUB product gives you access to the advantages of the COCUNAT CLUB.


Flat rate of £30/month with a 6 month commitment


Each month your VIP PASS will be activated allowing you to purchase a CLUB product for only £30/month (plus shipping and handling). CLUB products have an average price of more than £47 so you will save on average 46% on each purchase.


Exclusive CLUB promotions every month.


Advice from your own personal expert





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Defined and Shiny Curls Kit

Specific bundle to achieve defined, beautiful, lively and bouncy curls.

  • No sticking or frizz

  • Deeply moisturises and nourishes

  • 3 steps - one goal


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Any doubts?

Do I have to pay more than the 25€/month? +

If you do not reach the amount for free shipping costs, you will have to pay the amount corresponding to your country. But you can always add a product or take advantage of the special offers of CLUB and thus not pay the shipping costs.

How do I receive my products? +

CLUB products have ecological packaging that is much simpler, but with a CLUB experience QR CODE where you will have videos and all the information about the products only for CLUB customers.

Do my products come with associated gadgets? +

No, CLUB products come with the essentials so you don't have to record the experience and can access exceptional products for only 25€.

How will you tell me what to buy each month? +

We will send you an email and also an SMS to remind you that your VIP PASS is activated. The choice of product is entirely up to you. We recommend that you add us as your contact email so that you don't miss out on all the associated promotions.

What happens if I don't receive the information or I see it late? +

During the 6 months of the CLUB commitment in the case that you do not make the purchase, we will send you the product that we believe best suits you. If you receive it and you don't like it, our Customer Love department will help you change it. After the 6 months you no longer have the CLUB commitment and if you do not want to continue with the CLUB benefits you must unsubscribe in your profile here.

Can I repeat product? +

Yes, this is the key to get the most out of your CLUB COCUNAT.

How long does the CLUB membership last? +

As long as you buy CLUB products or until you cancel your membership.

How many CLUB products can I buy for 25€ per month? +

Your VIP PASS each month gives you access to buy one CLUB product for 25€ plus shipping costs.

What if I need help? +

You can write or call us and one of our experts will help you with whatever you need:<br><a href='mailto:[email protected]'>Email: [email protected]</a><br><a href='tel:18668804429'>Phone:18668804429</a><br><a href='https://others.cocunat.com/contact?q=Q5' target='_blank'>Chat</a>