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Luxe Mitt

Luxe Mitt

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LUXE MITT is a body mitt that will become your perfect ally for applying the Mousse Body Self Tanning, our body self tanner. Protect your hands with it and obtain a more even and streak-free result. It will pamper every centimeter of your skin thanks to its velvety texture, a real luxury. Lined inside, it protects your hands from the product and is very easy to clean.  

  • Even and streak-free application of self-tanner
  • Very pleasant velvety texture
  • No more orange hands
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean

Shipping time: 3-5 days

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Our LUXE MITT is soft to the touch, perfect for ensuring that the self tanner slides perfectly over your skin while protecting your hands from the brown or orange finish that is left from applying self tanners. You will achieve the best finish for your tan: even and streak free. It is reusable and long-lasting; it will offer you completely even applications of tan time and time again. Also, it is very easy to wash. Simply, remove product residue under hot water.

The secret lies in our amazing ingredients

COMPOSITION: Polyester, sponge and TPU.