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How Laura Müller got her figure back without feeling guilty

How Laura recovered her figure using a product that actually works

By Helen Emerson

Last Updated May 09, 2023


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Day 1 😣

Day 42 🥰

6 Weeks ( 42 days ) after using Body Power


Spoiler Alert: it reduces cellulite by up to 5.7cm (84%) in just under 56 Days, pretty impressive right?

Read the full story below for all the juicy details on how you can achieve the same results as Laura (it’s a lot easier than you think).

Overcoming Cellulite When World-Famous Brands Fell Short of Promising Unrealistic Results.

Laura Müller struggled with the accumulation of stubborn fat on her:




She tirelessly searched for products that specifically addressed these problem areas, only to be repeatedly disappointed. These brands not only failed to deliver on their promises but also proved to be a waste of her hard-earned money.

Laura went from trying anything from home-made remedies to trying world famous brands endorsed by celebrities and other A-listers only to realise those brands fell short on delivering the unrealistic results they’ve promised.

But then, something incredible happened. Laura stumbled upon a product that her friend Maria had tried before. It seemed like her friend had achieved amazing results with it, and Laura couldn't help but be intrigued.

In under

56 Days

, Laura reduced her cellulite by



Using other products didn’t seem to show any significant improvements for Laura and only made a slight to 0 difference.

Body Power

Body power helped Laura reduce her cellulite by whooping 5.7cm in just 56 days! It’s not instant, but it’s real results with real hard work!

*All this while using a product that’s 100% natural without any toxic ingredients and chemicals.

What aspects concerned you the most?

Clearly from the knees to the waist. Since 2020 my life had become much more sedentary and a lot of cellulite and fat have accumulated in this area.

So when I looked in the mirror I looked bad, I went up a size, and I also didn't like the texture of my skin. Honestly, I felt very uncomfortable and even embarrassed.

Since last year I have bought many products that promised you will reduce 1cm and then they don’t work. I think I have spent hundreds of euros on useless products. And I felt that everyone was lying.

So when I saw Body Power that promised me up to 5cm, I thought it was another one, but I went to the website and I really liked that they clearly told me without physical activity, I was not going to achieve the goals I wanted (which is the truth).

“ this thing does miracles ! “

“ Not only it absorbs incredibly fast into the skin but it also moisturises and most importantly targets cellulite effectively! ”

Michaela Jordan - New York, USA

Also, there are 2 products: one for before exercise and one after, so it is very motivating. So this different proposal hooked me and I decided to try it.

I've bought all kinds of products and they didn't work! And this one really works. Look at the difference!

How did you find out about Body Power by Cocunat?

Well, I first saw it on Instagram from an influencer that I like a lot and I decided to at least read everything before i decided to purchase one for myself...

I went to their website and saw the thousands of happy customers with problems just like mine..


Happy Customers

“ And since I was quite skeptical, what convinced me most is that it has clinically tested ingredients... so that promise of up to 5cm began to sound better to me. “

Product: Warm Up

Glucosyl Hesperidine - vasodilator: Bioflavonoid that boosts blood circulation. Its vasodilator action leads to increased blood flow in the area where the product has been applied for a more even skin tone.

Product: Warm Up

Cafeina – Draining: Popular fat burner. Extracted from coffee pods. Helps to activate lipolysis and boost microcirculation to eliminate the by-products of this process.

Product: Warm Up

Fisetin & Raspberry ketone - fat-burning (acting on the processes of lipolysis, adipogenesis and lipogenesis). It is a synergistic combination that clearly enhances the reduction of body fat tissue in any situation. It reduces cellulite, reshapes the figure and improves skin elasticity while reducing skin roughness, edema, skin thickness and volume.

Product: Smart Burn

Bacillus /Soybean Ferment Extract - firming and fat-burning: Aging and insufficient levels of physical activity cause a decrease in muscular endurance, leading to loss of firmness. By promoting the integrity of type I fibers and their mitochondrial metabolism, it improves muscle tone and provides additional support to arms, legs and abdomen. It helps enhance the appearance of a more toned and defined body silhouette.

Product: Smart Burn

Gingko Biloba – Draining: Microcirculatory effects (the ability to dilate and increase blood flow in small blood vessels). Studies have shown ginkgo’s ability to help improve blood flow in the skin.

Product: Smart Burn

Ácido hialurónico – Moisturizing: Low molecular weight that penetrates deep to improve skin elasticity and firmness. Locking moisture and plumping the skin.

Even if I only turned 1cm, it would be worth it, because the others couldn't even get me that.

Their website also says that I have to exercise. They don't promise me miracles and that its ingredients really work because studies say so, so that made me buy it and try it.

I started with Smart Burn morning and night and with Warm Up for when I was going to take walks to reach the 10,000 steps that my Apple watch tells me I must achieve for it to be physical activity.

These are the names of the two Body Power products, in case you didn't know. And at 3 weeks I had already lost 2cm of thigh contour… just like that!

What were your first impressions of Body Power?

At first the changes weren’t immediate because you must change your habits. In the product information itself, they tell you; You must drink water and do physical activity and what I like the most is that they tell you to feel good.

As soon as you open the package it says, “Take a moment to appreciate how amazing you are.” Can you imagine a reducer / anti-cellulite telling you this?

It's fantastic!

But of course, I still wasn’t sure if I was going to get results so I started testing it.

Firmness and Texture Improvements

The first thing I noticed was an improvement in the firmness and texture of my skin. It was incredible to see this positive change happening in just the first week, especially since I started exercising three times a week.



Looser Pants and Measurements Reduced

Around the three-week mark, something amazing happened.

My pants started feeling looser, prompting me to take my measurements. I couldn't believe it when I saw that I had already reduced my measurements by 2cm. It was such a rewarding moment!



Significant Cellulite Improvement

Then came the breakthrough I had been hoping for—improved cellulite. While it hadn't completely disappeared, I noticed a significant reduction in the number and size of those lumps. They were smaller and less noticeable. It was a tremendous boost to my confidence. All of this progress happened after five weeks of hard work and dedication.



I changed things in my life like drinking water and giving up soft drinks in addition to exercising 3 times a week, but the difference is amazing and the way I feel now is wonderful.

Also now i feel confident and stronger. Now i just tell everyone, let them try it because it really works.. I think that in 2 more weeks i will reach 5cm with my second body power.. one size smaller!!

Is it easy to apply? Tell us your step by step!

It is super easy since everything is very well explained, but there are 2 products: Smart Burn, which is for when you are resting, and Warm Up, which is for before doing sports.

In general, I apply Smart Burn in the morning after taking a shower and wait a bit before getting dressed as I want it to absorb well.

And at night I put it on just before I go to bed. To apply it, I give myself some energetic massages with my hands so that it is well absorbed and the fat moves a little.

And this is what my cellulite looks like after 6 weeks of using it. It seems incredible, right?

Warm up

Before Sports

Smart Burn

During Resting

Now it's been about 7 weeks, but I saw results after my first use in the quality of my skin, smoother and more hydrated.

Since it has gone so well for me, I’m on my second purchase. I am super delighted with the results of Body Power!

Body Power´s Ingredients and benefits

Body Power is made up of two great formulas (WARM UP / SMART BURN) with clinically tested intelligent active ingredients, such as Glucosyl Hesperidine, Caffeine, Fisetin & Raspberry ketone, Gingko Biloba or Hyaluronic Acid, which work on the fundamental aspects to redefine the silhouette.

Its results are impressive:

  • Results in 8 weeks*

  • It really does reduce the appearance of cellulite.


  • Up to 5.7 cm around the thighs*

  • Up to 5.5 cm around the hips*

  • Up to 5 cm around the abdomen*

  • Up to 2.4 cm around the arm*

*2 PRODUCTS: ingredients clinically tested on 60 women and visible results in 56 days.

Who would you recommend Body Power to?

Well, to all the girls who, like me, want help to feel better about themselves.

It’s a product that changes your life because it promises results but it also tells you what you have to do to get them.

So whether you want to reduce, improve cellulite or have more firmness, I recommend it 100%.










Guaranteed Results or your money back

4.8 | 358,000+ Happy Customers

Visibly Reduces Cellulite up to 5.7cm.

Guaranteed Results in Less than 56 Days.


You won’t be charged yet !

With you in 4-8 days



Guaranteed Results





Results that speak for themselves



I have said almost goodbye to cellulite in just 2 months! What they promise is true. It's clear to me and I'm delighted, plus their customer service team are great and helped me understand how to get better results.

-Amanda M.



I already knew Cocunat for its facial products... The Cure drives me crazy and has become essential for me, and its smell is the best. And Body Power I've been using for 3 weeks now and I've been less than 1 cm... so at the moment I'm very, very happy.

-Alice Y.



Recommend it 100% because although my cellulite was very visible, it has improved a lot. I did not expect it and I am delighted!

-Rose E.

*Reduces the contour of the hips, thighs, waist and arms. Improve skin texture and cellulite and get up to 5cm less while feeling fantastic about yourself.

The Body Power has been Sold out 3x months in a row.

Attention: Due to recent online virality, the Body Power has sold out 3x months in a row and we’re currently experiencing a shortage of stock at the current price.

The Body Power from Cocunat has helped more than 350k+ Women to feel more confident in their own skin so if you think you can benefit from the natural cellulite fighting wonders of Body Power, click the link below to check availability

If for any reason you feel like the Body Power isn’t working out for you, they’ve got a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for a complete peace of mind.


You won’t be charged yet !

Guaranteed Results





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