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Recover your hair pack

Recover your hair pack

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If your hair has been damaged by dyes, hairstyles, straighteners or drying, you feel that it is not growing because it is brittle and you know that the time has come to do something to restore it, then this is your bundle. With these products you are going to restore your hair from start to finish.

  • Rich Shampoo – Repairs, strengthens, smooths cuticles and prevents frizz. 200ml
  • Rich Conditioner – instantly detangles, repairs split ends, and stimulates hair growth. 200ml
  • Boombastic – An explosion of active ingredients that strengthen and restore your hair strand by strand. 200ml
  • Towel Wrap – Anti-Frizz Towel Wrap.
  • Happy Hair – Nutricosmetics product to stimulate growth and strengthen hair. 60 gummies
  • Savior – With the latest hair technology using micropearls, the restorative SAVIOR completely rebuilds and repairs your damaged hair providing maximum flexibility and moisturization. 2x100ml

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Rich Shampoo
Rich Shampoo

An innovative natural shampoo with advanced R&D for dry, damaged, curly* or colored hair . This incredible formula traps in moisture and revitalizes hair fibers, giving hair movement from root to tip.

  • Smooths hair cuticles and stops frizz.

  • Looks after your last inch. Reduces the risk of split ends

  • Repairs, strengthens, and protects hair fibers from within.

  • Provides extra shine and movement.

  • Cleans away toxins and residue from synthetic products.

* If you use the curly method, use this low-poo shampoo for regular washing.

Rich conditioner
Rich conditioner

A conditioner with advanced R&D of natural nutrients that is perfect for dry, damaged, curly, or colored hair.

  • Instantly detangles.

  • Nourishes and restructures hair from within.

  • Repairs split ends.

  • Promotes hair growth.

  • Delivers shine, softness, and body to every strand.

  • Leaves your hair full of life and movement.

  • Invigorating exotic fruit fragrance.


A hair mask loaded with active ingredients to strengthen and restore your hair for an amazing set of locks.

  • Soft and shiny hair.

  • Moisturizes and nourishes deeply.

  • Regenerates and protects hair.

  • Curly Girl Method tested.

  • Includes Anti-Frizz Turban.


SAVIOR is the ultimate hair treatment to totally REBUILD and REPAIR your damaged hair.

Its revolutionary formula based on encapsulated vegan microbeads is perfect for all types of damage (dyeing, styling, thermal, environmental).


  • Repairs the hair structure

  • Stronger hair

  • More shine

  • Eliminate Frizz

  • Increases hydration and flexibility

  • Patented Product

Happy hair
Happy hair

The beauty of your hair starts from within. That's why HAPPY HAIR vegan vitamin complex has been scientifically formulated to provide the vitamins and nutrients that our body needs to strengthen, stimulate growth and prevent hair loss, with results in 45, 60 & 90 days.

  • The most effective formula on the market.

  • 5,000mcg of BIOTIN -2,700mcg of Zinc

  • Vitamins A, B, C & E

  • Folic Acid, Iodine & Niacinamide

  • Inositol & Choline

  • 100% Vegan & natural

  • Stimulates hair growth

  • Hair is stronger & shinier

  • Prevents hair loss

The secret lies in our amazing ingredients