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Best pack ever

Best pack ever

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If you have an active life, you like to go to the gym, look after yourself and look for a bundle that contains the essentials for the gym and to look fantastic this is your bundle.


  • Wondermask - 5 in 1 Purifying face mask. 50ml
  • Body Power – This is the pair of products that revolutionizes the concept of anti-cellulite and reducing products with spectacular and proven results.
  • Unbeatable – The bacteria neutralizer: just one application and 7 days without bad odor.
  • Boombastic – An explosion of active ingredients that strengthen and restore your hair. 200ml
  • Towel Wrap – Microfiber turban towel perfect for looking after your hair.
  • The Glow – Moisturize and firm your body giving it a glow effect.

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WONDERMASK is your 5-in-1 superhero facial regimen for perfect no-filter skin.

  • Detoxifies and balances your skin

  • Closes and Refines pores

  • Perfect skin in 10 minutes

  • Free Face Sponge + Applicator brush

The glow
The glow

The glow is a nourishing body cream from the premium line to achieve incredible skin without imperfections :

  • Moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates your skin.

  • Mineral particles with a shiny effect.

  • Reduces imperfections by illuminating your skin.

  • Reaffirms and softens.


A hair mask loaded with active ingredients to strengthen and restore your hair for an amazing set of locks.

  • Soft and shiny hair.

  • Moisturizes and nourishes deeply.

  • Regenerates and protects hair.

  • Curly Girl Method tested.

  • Includes Anti-Frizz Turban.


The ultimate bacteria neutralizer: just one application for days without body odor!

Not even physical activity or showering diminishes its effect. 

Every time you sweat, the Unbeatable activates to neutralize bacteria and:

  • Last between 2 and 7 days

  • Control the bacterias that cause bad odor

  • Absorb sweat

  • Eliminate humidity from the skin

Body power
Body power

BODY POWER is here to reinvent, innovate and revolutionize the concept of anti-cellulite and slimming products from a feminine, honest, sincere and holistic perspective. Two great formulas designed to work at the two most important times of your day: before your exercise routine and while you are at rest. Their clinically tested intelligent active ingredients, such as Glucosyl Hesperidine, Caffeine, Fisetin & Raspberry ketone, Gingko Biloba or Hyaluronic Acid (among others), will work on key aspects to shape your body:

  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite.

  • Activating your body’s fat-burning mechanism.

  • Increasing your skin’s suppleness and firmness.

The secret lies in our amazing ingredients